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Our Mission

To provide high-quality software and information technology solutions at affordable prices to advance the Kingdom of God and enable churches to make a greater impact in the communities they serve.

About Us

Most of my life I had felt as if I was being called to something greater, something much bigger than myself, but I had never been able to put my finger on it. It wasn’t until I had attended a Men’s Encounter that I fully surrendered my life to the Lord and chose to be baptized. Shortly following my baptism I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to reach out to my local church to assist with any IT related issues they were encountering. At I began volunteering my service I dug deeper into finding the perfect match for their Church Management System, I was at a loss until one day Rock RMS entered the picture. I had found a system that could be completely customized to meet the exact needs of my church…and YOURS! I also began to see how companies were charging churches commercial prices and something began to tug at my heart. Low and behold, Divine Technology Systems came into existence. My passion and purpose have collided and I have a burning passion to assist churches in building the Kingdom of God by utilizing Rock RMS (Relationship Management System) and my specific giftings. We quickly fell in love with the Rock community and all of the helpful people that truly have churches in mind. Rock’s beliefs align with ours as a mission to enable churches to build meaningful relationships with their members instead of only being a name in the computer. We believe that Rock can be the answer to your ChMS prayers; however if we can’t make a positive impact for your church, we promise to help you find someone that can.

Overview of Services

Our services equip churches with a completely customized Church Management System at reasonable costs without compromising useful tools needed in this digital age. We also assist churches with finding the right hosting, the correct giving platform, fast and convenient check-in kiosks, workflows to maximize the connections with new guests and current members and more. We provide monthly IT services as well for our local churches. Our pricing is very competitive and is built for each church depending on their specific needs. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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