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What can Rock RMS do for you?

Here at Divine Technology Systems we strongly feel that Rock RMS is a great tool for churches to help increase connections with the congregation and keep them plugged in. It is an open-source platform designed to be completely customized for churches of 50 to 50,000 members. DTS is a full-service specialist with Rock RMS and we are excited to lock arms with you to develop the system that meets your church’s specific needs. Our staff will help you find the best solution from basic installations that you run yourself to multi-campus churches that would like to host on their own dedicated server. The options are seemingly endless.

Curious on how to start?

There are 3 ways to get started with DTS:

  1. Choose a Service Plan below
  2. Call or email us
  3. Use the  Contact Us   link

Choose an option:

Basic Install

Our Basic Installation package is an a la carte menu. You can pick and choose EXACTLY what you need. With basic, you choose the services, regardless of size of church. This tends to be a bit pricier than our Total Care Install, so please contact us regarding any questions that arise.
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Total Care

The Total Care Installation package is also completely customizable. It contains practically everything you can think of, but comes at a much cheaper price than our Basic Install with a bow wrapped around it! Prices for Total Care Installs are based on church size at the time of development and integration; however, our prices WILL NOT increase as your church grows!
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Ministry Dashboard

Rock RMS is the leading CHMS that allows custom reports to be built to suit any needs. No matter if the project is big or small DTS is here to help build the tools that fit your ministry.

Overview Dashboard

Dashboards come in many different shapes and sizes and no two are alike, much like churches. Custom dashboards and reports can be made to quickly equip leaders with statistics of:
  • - Small Groups
  • - New Attenders
  • - Baptisms
  • - Finances
  • - Volunteers
Talk to us to see what reports can be tailored just for you.