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Who we are

Who we are

Made up of a team of knowledgeable developers, each of our staff serve in the local church and are passionate about seeing the kingdom of God grow through technology, communications, and church management strategy.

What we do

Divine Tech helps churches design powerful and customized Rock RMS experiences. Though we pride ourselves on our Rock development, we also build other mobile applications. Don't hesitate to reach out about your project!







Who we are

Our Founders

Mike Roth always knew he was called to something greater than himself. However, that calling wasn’t clear until he fully surrendered his life to the Lord at a men’s ministry event and chose to be baptized. Shortly after, he felt the Holy Spirit nudging him to reach out to his local church and assist with IT issues.

As he began leading their search for a church management software, he was shocked by how restricting—and expensive—the options were. Right as he was about to give up, he found Rock RMS. It was a system that could be completely customized to meet the nuanced and unique needs of his church.

Just like that, Mike found his calling—and Divine Tech came into existence. Our organization is a preferred Rock RMS partner, which means we are a trusted name offering complete Rock support.

Michael Roth

Co-Founder & CEO

Laura Roth

Co-Founder & CFO

Elizabeth Kueffer

Account Manager

Izabella Whisenant


Steven Floyd


Michelle Fransioli

Rock Admin

Will Scott

Rock Admin/Developer

Josh Otterman


Austin Blackman