We Missed You


This job was made to help with small group retention and has two core features. Small group members who missed an occurrence that has marked attendance will receive an email. Group Leaders will also receive an alert if a person has missed multiple consecutive occurrences. You are able to customize the group types, days back to look for attendance, and the amount of concurrent days missed that triggers leader alerts. We hope this can help serve your small groups, happy sending!

  • Sends an email to a group member who missed attending a marked occurrence
  • Sends an email to the leaders of a group if a group member misses a set amount of concurrent meetings
  • Group Selector - multi-select which Group Types the job runs on
  • Enable Email to Group Member - if enabled, the system email to alert group members with missed occurrences will be activated
  • Group Member System Email - The system email to use when sending emails to group members
  • Set Reply to Group Leader - If true, the email sent to group members will be from the first created leader in the groups name and reply to their email. Other leaders will be bcc'd in the email
  • Enable Email to Leader - If true, the leader will receive an email alert for their missing group members
  • Leader System Email - The system email to use when sending emails to leaders
  • Group Viewer Page - If provided, a link will be provided in the leader email to view the group. This should be set to the page that has your group viewer
  • Days Back - The amount of days back to look for attendance (Default: 7 days)
  • Occurrences Missed - How many consecutive missed occurrences should trigger a leader to receive an alert about the falling out member
  • Filter By GroupRoleId - Comma separated list of Group Member GroupRoleIds to include.

After you install the package, these steps will help guide you through setting up the job to start sending alerts!

  • Navigate to Admin Tools > System Settings > Job Administration
  • Find the newly installed job called We Missed You Small Group Email
  • Select the group types the job should search on
  • Activate the job
  • Edit the additional parameters and email templates as desired