What is Rock?

Rock RMS is a nonprofit, open source church management system that focuses on the heart of ministry—people. That’s why it’s called a “RMS” (Relationship Management System).

With a growing community of developers, Rock provides new ministry-empowering innovations that you won't find in any other ChMS.

How does Divine Tech fit into the equation?

We’re an official Rock RMS partner dedicated to helping your church design, develop and integrate the perfect Rock platform for you. Do you want Rock support over the long haul? Need assurance you can get someone on the phone quickly? We provide that too.

Rock Features

Automated workflows

Don’t get bogged down in unnecessary tasks. Rock enables you to create workflows that automate your processes so you can get back to the ministry work you are passionate about.

Custom reports

No two churches are alike, so why settle for standard, pre-built reports? Rock’s flexibility allows you to run customized reports that fit your church’s one-of-a-kind needs.

Powerful analytics

Want to be more strategic about church growth? Explore data trends and easily chart your ministry progress using Rock’s data-driven dashboards.

Own-able data

Unlike nearly every other church management software, Rock RMS lets you own and operate your own data—forever. It’s just one more way Rock is empowering churches to do more.