Who we are

Divine Tech helps churches design powerful and customized Rock RMS experiences. Made up of a team of knowledgeable developers, each of our staff serve in the local church and are passionate about seeing the kingdom of God grow through technology, communications, and church management strategy.

Giving back

Your partnership with Divine Tech is good news for more than just your church. As a part of our sponsorship program, when you do business with us we are able to provide free IT services to churches who cannot afford it.

Our founder’s story

Mike Roth always knew he was called to something greater than himself. However, that calling wasn’t clear until he fully surrendered his life to the Lord at a men’s ministry event and chose to be baptized. Shortly after, he felt the Holy Spirit nudging him to reach out to his local church and assist with IT issues.

As he began leading their search for a church management software, he was shocked by how restricting—and expensive—the options were. Right as he was about to give up, he found Rock RMS. It was a system that could be completely customized to meet the nuanced and unique needs of his church.

Just like that, Mike found his calling—and Divine Tech came into existence. Our organization is a preferred Rock RMS partner, which means we are a trusted name offering complete Rock support.

Our mission is to help churches grow by building meaningful relationships with their members and to advance the kingdom. We believe that Rock can be the answer to your ChMS prayers. However, if we aren’t a fit for your church, we promise to help you find something that is.

Meet the team

Michael Roth Co-founder & CEO
About Michael:

Michael Roth, co-founder of Divine Tech, stumbled upon Rock RMS while searching for a platform that could help his local church. He quickly fell in love with the Rock community, and felt a call to assist other churches in building the Kingdom of God by utilizing Rock more fully. Michael and his wife, Laura, live in Kansas with their three children: Breckyn, Asher, and Olivia. Michael is best known for his great high-fives, his passion for people, and for dreaming BIG!

Laura Roth Co-founder & CFO
About Laura:

Laura would be the first to tell you what an adventure it’s been to follow God’s call and launch a tech company alongside her husband, Michael. A CPA who has spent a number of years in the professional accounting world, Laura's influnce at Divine Tech extends beyond finances to spiritual leadership, creativity, and vision casting. A few of Laura's favorite things include spending time with her family, traveling, and going home to help her father harvest wheat each year. (Seriously, you should see her operate a combine!)

Ethan Widen Full Stack Developer
About Ethan:

Ethan is a strong and devoted developer out of Alabama who is dedicated to developing innovative, custom solutions that leverage Rock RMS. Since 2017 he has been involved in leveraging Rock for website design, custom plugin development, and working with the local church in Montgomery, AL to provide updated solutions for small churches. Reading, photography, and board games are his passions when he isn’t spending time reading 0s and 1s and talking about agile software development to everyone who will listen.

Elizabeth Kueffer Account Manager
About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is the newest member to the Divine Tech team. With over a decade of marketing experience in the nonprofit sector, one of her passions is to help churches clarify their messaging so they can reach more people. When Elizabeth isn’t scheduling projects and working with Divine Tech’s amazing partner churches, she can be found hanging out with her handsome husband Chet, writing worship music, and buying cookbooks she will probably never use.